Dear Friends,

Welcome to the wonderful, beautiful world that is St. Edward School! We have the privilege of educating children in grades PK3 through 3rd under the philosophy and legacy of our foundress, St. Katharine Drexel. It is through this education that we strive to provide a spiritual and academic foundation that will serve our children for the rest of their lives.

Each day on campus is alive with opportunities through our religion program and core curriculum, as well as art, music, library, and physical education. With many goals to accomplish in those areas, the teamwork and camaraderie among the staff, parents, relatives, friends, and community supporters truly create the necessary resources to be successful. As we move forward with each project and event, we are inspired through experiencing what a St. Edward School education offers our children – and in turn, what it offers us. How blessed we all are to be immersed in our mission statement of “Living the Eucharistic Reality that All are One in Christ”!

Thank you for visiting our website and may abundant blessings be yours always.

Karen F. Bonin, Principal


Dear Visitors and Friends,

Welcome to our website! St. Edward School and St. Edward Church parish community are blessed to embrace the spirit of our foundress, St. Katharine Drexel.

We humbly reflect upon the fact that we are a grateful community. Grateful because a modern-day Saint walked our grounds and worked beside the men, women, and children of our community. We are also grateful that we have seen and experienced the fruits from the Faith of St. Katharine that continue to this day through our efforts and ministry in providing a Catholic education for our future….our children.

I encourage you to visit our school and faith community. Every Friday morning during the school year, our children lead us in prayer and worship, as we give thanks to God, our Father, for our many blessings.

Again, I welcome you to our website. May God grant that our school and parish community remain close to the Loving Heart of Jesus and that we continue to grow in the Faith, Hope and Love that St. Katharine Drexel planted on these grounds.

Sincerely in Christ,

Rev. Thomas Hien Vu, Pastor


Inspired by the Church Mission to educate and form people in creating opportunities for Catholic Education in St. Edward Catholic School, we strive to promote religious values, social justice, and address some financial concerns of St. Edward Catholic School. The Booster Club encourages support and involvement in various activities such as the annual Membership drive, the Black and White Ball, the Barbecue Dinner and Sausage Po-Boy fundraisers.

Gwendolyn Kelly

Edwina Bell
Vice President

Mary O. Mouton

Jeanette Joseph
Asst. Secretary

Peggy Jean-Batiste

Luther Branham


Mr. Dusty Hulin

Mrs. Angelique Narcisse Valteau (Vice President)

Ms. Patrice Cahee

Mrs. Jeneé Broussard

Ms. Margaret Green

Mrs. Susan Dupuy (President)

Mrs. Dana Scurria

Mr. Jonathan Schopp

Mr. Michael Cormier








Keri Brown – Secretary

Marietta Ditch – President

Allison Hughes – Treasurer

Thip Evans – Vice President of Development

Jenny Comeaux– Vice President











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