"We're All Called to be Saints"
St. Katharine Drexel
United in Love, Justice, and Peace
"Living the Eucharistic Reality that All are One in Christ"

Join  us for Mass on Friday mornings @8:45.

Panda News

  • Principal, Karen Bonin and staff are to be commended for their outstanding leadership and education, as they instill good Catholic morals and standards in the children entrusted to them. St. Katharine Drexel must be very proud of you, the children and their parents who care enough to ensure that their children receive the best quality Catholic education.

    Carole Blanks, ASBS Director of the Associates of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament
  • St. Edward School teaches so much more than academics...they teach love, acceptance and kindness. I'm so thankful for the education my children received there many years ago!

    April Byrom Former staff/parent
  • Amazing staff and environment! No other place we'd rather be!!! WE LOVE SES!

    Joleigh Hulin Parent
  • You feel the love once you step through the doors!  Amazing school!

    Kimberly Judice Parent
  • A loving community in which God is always present.  I just wish this school went farther than 3rd grade.

    Jessica Frederick Teacher/Parent
  • Go to Friday's Mass & you will feel the "magic"...

    Thip Evans Parent
  • I absolutely love this little school!  My grandson and my whole family are blessed to be a part of such a special place of learning and love.

    Lisa Falgout Allain Grandparent
  • You can feel the True Presence at SES and it's obvious to anyone living in the Light of Jesus.

    Keith Landry Grandparent/Volunteer
  • Four of our children finished St. Edward school then went on to Catholic High. All of them have University degrees and have rewarding careers. They had a great education and both schools instilled Christian values which enables them to deal with life.

    Linda Freyou Former Parent
  • I am a part of the panda family. I have taught there for the past 3 years and immediately knew that it was something special. Now that I have a child who is a panda it has reaffirmed just how special this school really is. I would recommend to anyone in the Acadiana area! It’s worth the drive. Come to a mass on Friday! You won’t be disappointed!

    Annie Decuir Parent/Teacher
  • Outstanding teachers, staff, and administration teaching our sweet children about Christ

    Brenda Comeaux Grandparent
  • I cant recommend SES enough, it was a blessing to send my son there and the foundation that was built is life lasting! We love SES!
    Shannon Sellers Leleux Parent
  • After having 2 kids each spend 5 years at this school, I can honestly say not only do they receive top notch education, but the love and support they get from every single person there is something money can't buy.  Your child is not a number, they are part of a family.

    Brooke LeMaire Soileau Parent
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