In accord with the Louisiana Department of Education students entering school for the first time must meet the following requirements by September 30th the year of enrollment: St. Edward School students MUST BE fully potty trained by the first day of school.

 PK 3 (3 –years- old)               PK 4 (4 –years- old)                Kindergarten (five-years-old)

NEW students entering St. Edward School for the first time must submit copies of the following before registration is complete:

  • HEALTH RECORD must have seal and be signed and dated by health care professional


According to Louisiana state law, all students entered in a private or public school system must be up-to-date on all immunizations. Requirements for school entrance are listed below:

4   DTP      (last after 4th birthday)                       2 Hib

2   MMR   (last after 4th birthday)                         2  Hep B

3   Polio    (last after 4th birthday)                         2  Varcella-chicken pox


If a student has health problems and cannot receive the recommended shots required for school entrance, we must receive a letter signed by parent or physician explaining why. If an outbreak occurs student will be asked to leave school immediately and will not be able to return until authorized by the Department of Louisiana Health and Hospitals.